Thursday, April 12, 2012

Introducing Sarah Beautiful Elsworth

Sarah is my gorgeous friend and flatmate and I love her dearly. We share much laughter, hearty thinkings, creative endeavors, dancey goodnesses, many a meal of egg noodles,  Mad Men episode dates, The Hokey Pokey Junk Pot (aka buttercup house), a fine young librarian & so much merryment!

Emphasis on the afore-mentioned Beautiful!

There  is a twinkle in her eye a little bit like that of  tinkerbell…  

She also has an amazing captivating quality 
in those hazel beauties, extremely useful for stand 
out quality in both still image and performance! 

Sarah and I are quite lucky to live very close to this little magical haven of exceptional beauty...

... So one day we ventured into the wilderness to make some magic and play amongst the singing birds!

We had so much fun being beautiful, silly.. and playing sneaky fairies!


There is a wee jolt in this timeline, so let us back track a few weeks... 

To a very different spot, where Sez's photo shoot Part 1 took place....

Working the walls and doorways of Britomart, downtown Auckland.

Folding and twisting, lunging and lurching, jumping and jiving....

And making some very beautiful shapes with flexi fabulous limbs!

All in a day (or 2's) work for the lady in green and Over The Rainbow!

Sarah Beautiful Elsworth... It is an absolute pleasure to be your friend, and  a very special privilege to have created these images with you! You are such a talented and gorgeous being of creativity and I am very very grateful for your inspirations in my life!! 

Thank you so much!   love trace x


  1. Stunning. The doorframe shots are sensational!

    1. I do love me a good doorframe! hehe! : ) Thank you x