Friday, October 19, 2012

A Picture of Togetherness.

Meet EJ and Dom.

Two handsomely delightful joyous wee brothers,

I was lucky enough to make friends with while I was in Wellington!

I had heard some great tales 

and see some sneaky pictures....

But making real life friends is much much better!!

and super warming for the heart!!!

EJ and Dom have the best Mum ever!

She has a deeply beautiful soul, and is soooo

much fun to be around! Her name is Helen.

She one of my best friends in the world! : )

EJ and Dom also have a very amazing awesome fun Dad!

His name is Johan and he is wonderfully kind and extra cool!

Together they make one of the most GORGEOUS 

families your eyes might ever glimpse!!!

There is sooo much love!!!!

Lots of play...

And great measures of togetherness!!!

Helen and Johan make a most lovely picture...

Because together they are at home...

Free to be their own beautiful selves!!!

Two beautiful boys...

Four amazing humans...

One sunny Sunday.

A    P I C T U R E    

O F    T O G E T H E R N E S S.

Helen, Johan, Elliot and Dom!

Thank you so so much for sharing your weekend/s

with me! I feel so lucky to have spent some

very special time with you all, and to witness the 

beautiful love between you and shining from you!

You have a home full of playful, wonderful energy,

great encouragement and overflowing kindness!

It has been such a privilege to be recipient to your

wonderful hospitality and warm friendship!

I love you heaps and can't wait to see you again 

when I return to your lands!!! 

Thank you so so sooo  much!

Love Tracy x

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  1. Thank you soo much Tracy, it feels as though you've really captured the essence of our family and we couldn't be happier. The 4 weeks or so you spent in Wellington was so much fun, I can't wait for another time when we find ourselves close again.

    Love you lots, thank you so very much for these photos - we'll cherish them forever.

    Helen xxx