Friday, April 11, 2014

Scott & Rach. Under a tree, On top of a mountain & with all the love in the world. x

This one is special. Well they are all special. But this one is EXTRA special. 

This one is my dear dear brother on the day of his wedding to his beautiful Rach. .... My new sister. A day full of laughter, love, friendship, family, sun... maybe just a tinsy bit of wind, & then more and more and more love.  SOO MUCH LOVE.  It was a ridiculously wonderful day in the homelands celebrating the people who are dearest to me and their beautiful chosen togetherness! I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing and growing family! 

                                                          Scott and Rach  17.01.2014

Scott and Rach. Your day was a perfect celebration of all that is you - together.

Thank you so so much for having me capture it.

I love you both so incredibly much and am so grateful you are my family.


love trace

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