Monday, October 26, 2015

Kirsty and Mark. 28.08.15

Kirsty and Mark. You two are something special. Together as well as individual people you overflow. You are shining with love for each other and for life. It is contagious and such a joy to be in your company. For that reason, I feel extremely lucky to have captured a very special day in the history of  your love story. It really was beyond beautiful. The kind of love, friendship and light for life that I witnessed was so very precious, so very genuine and so very humbling. I will not forgot this wonderful day and true celebration of such an incredible two - made for one another. Thank you both for sharing your love story. To capture such a significant day of your love was a very special privilege.

 Kirsty and Mark. 28th August 2015. Auckland.

Thank you also to Amber for your amazing assistance and second shooting.

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