Wednesday, February 23, 2011

frolicking fun & family footprints

  I have a very hilarious and wonderful family. Last week I went to the
  beach with some of them! This is beautiful Kayla & her especially 
  painted pink and photo ready toe nails!

  Look at the cheeky sparkle in her eyes! Full of personality, she is so cool!

Muma Lovin. So much love in two pairs of eyes. This is my cousin Jods.
She is one of the hilarious ones! ... as well as being exceptionally cool, 
generous, and down to earth.  I love her heaps!

These two are both complete naturals in front of the camera! 
Such brilliance in posing deserves a good giggle fit to finish up with!

Aunty Kimmy (cousie Kimmy as I know her!) Full of fun & huggles!
Im pretty certain she has got  to be the funnest aunty ever!!! Her laugh
is amazingly contagious and awesome! 

Kayla & her Nana (My Aunty Cherie). So gorgeous and such a team! 
Aunty Cherie you look so good in white! What a beauty! x

   Looking at her pretty toes, mum said 'look up for the photo', so Kayla did! 
   I think she might be about to flap her skirt and fllyyyy away! Precious! 

Pretty ladies!!! Thank you for the 'just 1 more' but secretly 20, kindness!

I think it was worth it!

The squeezy hug monster! Lots of laughs were had!

  I feel pretty, Oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and freeeee!! ROAARR!
  Oh to be 5 again, where frolicking and fairies and flying are all part of a days 
  work and people won't look at you funny!
  It was so refreshing to play in the presence of such abundant freedom!
  Thank you my beautiful family!
  love tracy x


  1. these are wonderful! beautifully and breathtakingly gorgeous.
    Three pots of tea...over the rainbow. The perfect kind.
    I <3 tracy valarie

  2. & I <3 Angela Noelle + Amber Maya! Thank you girls x