Saturday, March 5, 2011

sandra & dave + many a seaside smile

Sandra had handpicked the spot long ago. A fresh, light and gorgeous area overlooking the beach and Rangitoto Island, a wonderfully idilic location! ...and now the day was here! A day for a wedding at the seaside! A day when Sandra would marry Dave! A day that was forecast for rain, and a day in which we did not see a drop. It was a beautiful day with beautiful people and there was lots and lots of happiness in the air.....

Some of the pretty details....

Sandra's sisters were hilarious, lovely, flamboyant and fabulous!

Hayley, Lisa and Claire - the lovely maidens in blue helping their beautiful Mum - the gorgeous Bride!!

Sandra looked just stunning! She quickly got used to the idea of having her photo taken and what started with
some gorgeous wee giggles above ended up with some serious working of the camera!!! (you will see very soon!)

Dave - waiting patiently for his Bride with quite the view behind him!! 

..and you couldn't get a happier man! I just love the GIGANTIC smile
stretching from ear to ear that Sandra has bought to Daves face!
We can't see hers, but I'm pretty sure it is equally awesome!

Claire sheds a sentimental tear - A very precious mother and daughter moment.

Following the kiss Sandra and Dave pulled out a unique move I rather liked! The banging of knuckles - very cute!

We owe these shots to the jumpers, the fishers, and the general lurkers of the
Murrays Bay wharf who kindly evacuated so Sandra and Dave - JUST
MARRIED!!!... could could work the runway as their own!
They did a marvellous job!

... we narrowly bet another wedding party who arrived just as the locals were settling back into their spots! LUCKY US!

And there she is! Working that camera with skirt, shoulders, hips and swing! Sandra you are so fun and you look
so great up there owning that horizon!

Two wonderful people! It a truly amazing thing to be a part of a day like this
one. To  witness great love and laughter, beautiful togetherness and the unity
of friends and family is so special . Thank you so much for having me capture
your day Sandra and Dave! It was such a pleasure and I feel very lucky to
 have met you both!

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