Sunday, April 3, 2011

black lace, a forrest, goblets & gorgeousness!

Lauren and Ben. Exquisite. Two truly unique and wonderfully beautiful people. It was a day full of style, flair, great laughter and love. It was a massive privilege to share in this special occasion,  a photographers dream! Here are some snippets of a beauty laced day! 

The gorgeous flowers! Amazing red and greenness together was so striking!

Lauren you are gasp worthy! Your boots, lace gloves, your wreath, the
 dress, the flowers, and that gorgeous smile! Such a stunning Bride!

I love the look on Bens face here! Hand in hand and the fun begins!

This was such an awesome part of the ceremony! A goblet shared for many great things to be! Beautiful!

We ventured out to the forests of Muriwai in hunt of a location striking enough to match Lauren and Bens most
fantastic aesthetic taste!... and we found a few winning spots! Next,  Lauren and Ben pulled out what appeared
to be well practiced super modeling moments, but what was really just sheer natural talent in front of the camera!

Princess of the Woods! It looks like you rule these lands Lauren! So
elegant and picture perfect are thee!


Such beautiful people! You guys look so red and black punchy cool!

Hm hmmmphhh! Im sorry but these are officially the BEST stocking/socks I have ever seen on a Bride!







Lauren was sooo much fun to photograph! As you can see, I was working with some serious beauty! Laurens eyes
are so gorgeous and sitting in the prettiness of the grotto, she really did look like a magical little fairy!!


The girls danced and twirled and sashayed their gracefulness with joy and delight, and we giggled and clicked
and came up with these! FUN!!!




Ben and his boys. The sunnies and cigars were an uber cool combo. So suavvvveee.

The bride and groom goblets. Shiny black elegance. Pure class!

..And as I drove away from the wedding venue,  thinking about how amazing a day it had been, the full moon
appeared from behind a tree! How perfect for the occasion! Lauren and Ben,  I had so much fun photographing
your special day, and am very grateful to have met you both! Thank you so much for having me!!!


  1. Thank you miss striking keys! These are such cute secret woods... it was lovely to discover them! Hope you are super well! I love the 2 sleeping beauties on your blog! sooo cutteee x