Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rosa Roo Hits Waterview.....

...well really who wouldn't?

A little bit of red hair, perfectly sweepy to match the grasses of Buttercup House!

Thank you to the fairy helpers! (Stool, lights and flower throwing skills = supreme of supremest!)

Oh maiden Rosa! She of the blue bell fields, how pretty you lay in petals of purpleness.

The petals were very lovely, but we did need some 'normal' style headshots too! 

Capable of many looks is our Rosa. Just add a little lipstick, and walaaa!

Those eyes,

crystal lakes.

(from the same book as chocolate waterfalls!)

Truly stunning!!! What a privilege it has been my flowery friend! ...we will see you again soonly for  a leap &
a twirl in a paddock of happiness perhaps! I can't wait!!!