Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Magical Marquee of Marvelous Mayhem.....

Pictures handpicked to convey a nice way,
Bunting lovingly strung for a dear special day.
Toi toi and lei, records and flax...
Tiny wee pegs,  & photos in stacks!

Hand crafted jars & tables lay set...
With beautiful fabrics,
& unique serviettes!
Bursting with brightness,
And strung up in love,
Overflowing in colour,
With a sunny above!

Many a hand to make it shine bright,
Carefully picked trinkets, displays of delight!
A journey begins with this very day...
Surrounded by friends for laughs, love and play!

Together they sip... from a jar wrapped in twine,
and nibble the goodness of  ground and of vine.
A welcoming place, where love made for two....
Is shared and rejoiced... with more than a few!

A Mon and a Dave, and a day full of bright, 
Following dreams of beauty and light! 
Thank you for sharing your journeys 'begin', 
With your hearts full of joy, and creative akin!
So much love on this day, flowing from you,  
Abundant and free, we soak up the dew! 

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