Monday, June 25, 2012

'J U S T L O V E'

On a special Sunday morning, as the leaves fell off the trees,
I met my long time friend of joy + her lovely family!
It was a day for taking pictures & capturing the love,
That flows between... so clearly seen!

Below you'll see some of!

Meet Dylan. He is super cool...

... AND he has a band!

This is his brother Toby!

He is also in the band and is
very good with his 'T' prop,
as well as being a genius 
on the drums.

Toby is too cute for words!!!

The cuteness runs strong in this family!!!

On our picturesome day,
In a park of Cornwall...

Dylan & Toby ran...


& played ball...

They are the coolest of brothers!

The lovely Cherie is their 
beautiful mum!!!

(and my long time amazing friend!)

Cherie and Toby share such a 
delightful giggle! 

Oh they are just soooo warm
& fuzzylicious!!!

Add in an Aidan  to the mix...

... and you have one of the 


 families ever!!!

Look at them!!!

Peekabooing about...

..on the park wall of Corn!

Such inspiring Love...

'J U S T   L O V E'

...that makes happiness float in the air!!!

Cherie, Aidan, Dylan and Toby

You are very special to me
and oh so DELIGHTFUL!
Thank you so much for letting me capture
a little snippet of life and love in your world!
It is always the greatest pleasure to share in your company.
You are a breath of fresh air & invigorating in 
your wonderfulness!!

So much love, light and laughter to you

love from tray 'who lives over the rainbow!' 

tehehe : ) 

PS: Tell Dylan Amber is looking forward to band practice!



  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats beautiful amazing this pics made my day complete thanks tracy

    1. yayyyyy!!! THANK YOU for your loveliness! We love making days around here! Little smiles will do that to you every time!!! VERY VERY Cute!!! : )