Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Roses Beyond.

This is an extra big blog for a very special, 
overflowing, contagiously joyous, free spirited, 
colourfull loving, deeply loyal, inspiringly 
insightfull & marvelously magical special
friend of giggling beauty & 
childlike wonderment.

I promise you that your heart will lift a little 
or a lot with what will follow...... 

...much like mine does in the 
company of such beauty. 

This is Rose.

She likes to laugh. Lots and lots!!

She is also secretly a princess with
a unique fair loveliness that
 goes unrivaled!

She is wearing one of her best vintage frocks. 
(She has very many!)
This one is beautifully delicate & whimsical.

One day Rose planted a garden....

at the beach!!!

(with the help of lovely assistant Sarah.)

With flowers in her hair 
& petals in her hands...

with the sand beneath her feet...

and the ocean in her eyes...


wandered up her garden path...

& began to DANCE!

She spun and she twirled, time &
 time again, landing on her knees,
and laughing all the while...

barefoot and beauty full...

frivolously free....

never letting go of her 
 flowerfull wand.

The sand was her stage...

and so was the sea.

She danced to the sky...

upon a yellow island.

At one with the world...

till the sun did set upon her.

Dear Rosey Rose.

You are SUCH a beautiful example of human. 
You are light, laughter and loveliness.
You are so incredibly freeing to be friends with.
You are wonderfully generous with your spirit 
and open with your heart. You are infectiously joyous 
& colourfully magical. Your love for life and all its treats 
is inspiring and you treat the treats so treasuresomely.

A dancer of life and dancer of depth,

Thank you for sharing your dance with me.

You are Beyond.


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