Monday, May 14, 2012

The polkadot princess & her very magical apple.

Meet Miss Kayla. A radiant sparkle of 
positive energy and unbelievably
dazzling deep beauty.

One day we met at the loveliest Cosset, 
Began to dream, & embarked 
on creating a fabulous & fitting fairytale....

For a very gorgeous Princess...

Much like Snow White....

..with her own magical apple.

The day of fairytale took place 
in the incredible lands of Piha!

The Princess frolicked 
in the daisy patch...

....and painted the field in polka dots!

She was so extremely beautiful...

in her brightly coloured dancing frocks...

full of elegance and grace...

...complimenting the beautiful scenery
with true charisma and poise!

A perfect Princess....

with a delightfully colourful spirit!

...and a great story to unfold!

Kayla, you are soooo gorgeous!
So very alive, so very radiant,
full of fun, inspired and inspiring in your

I am so so happy to 
have had the opportunity to create
with you! Thank you for sharing
your you-ness with the Rainbow so
together we could paint a picture book 
like this one! You are so beauty full! : )

Many happy wishes of dance
and merryment to you!

Tracy xo


  1. Your photos are amazing!!!

    I would love some photos too! I'm also a dancer and find these just gorgeous! It helps that Kayla is gorgeous too. :)
    Find me on a facebook Rebekkah Schoonbeek if your keen

  2. Amazing work you're very talented really beautiful result
    Cheers Eddie

  3. Thank you Rebekkah and Eddie! Lots and lots of fun! x