Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happiness, Prayers and a Raindance.

Somewhere far away in a hydrangea bush... 
Woops! That is Part 1 of a 2 part story!
 ....about a very special girl named Rosa Roo.
 You can have a look at  her first chapter earlier on 
the blog! Starting again... hmmmhmmm

Part 2: 

One day on a dainty dirt road in the far 
away land of Muriwai.... a beautiful girl in a pretty 
red frock ventured out with her vintage suitcases and
a bunch of very bright and boyant balloons!

She piled her suitcases high, in many different 

 She tried on some turquoise shoes, but then
took them off again.... she could feel the road beneath her feet.

The girl in red started to dance.

She danced and danced, with many
toots and waves from friendly passers by!

She was very good at jumping with lovely 
pointed feet.........

...and she had a balloon enhanced arabesque 
to beat all of the arabesques
in the whole world!!

The beautiful girl was so full of joy!!

It was contageously wonder-fulll!!

As the girl was dancing in all her happinesses...
There came some secret surprise drops of water 
from above!!

The girl in red decided to change her frock...
and became the girl in PINK!!!!

It was time to head to the hills for a...

The girl in pink was the ultimate rain dancer!
She swiped and swirled and fell and flew...
Then headed even higher... to better reach the rains!!

The girl in pink got very sandy 
and her hair got all rainy as she 
danced with the world... 

Nothing could stop her!

It was quite an invigorating sight to see!

At the end of her dance,
The girl in pink took a wee moment....

She whispered a very pretty prayer inside of her heart...

She gathered her colours of boyant abundance...

Lifted her hand..... 

...and let go!

The colours flew into the sky like a
floating rainbow across the horizon....

....& the prayer was soon to be answered.


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