Sunday, July 8, 2012

Instructions for Falling out of Rabbit Holes.

she looks up. laughs. 

calling to wolves and rabbits.

my mother said, that... i never should
play with the gypsies in the wood

if i did... 



remembers her(self) and tells a story
age five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven
as sixteen going on seveteen

a yesterday and tomorrow

she begins to turn. to spin. unrestricted by space her lips part and she smiles.
she stops and stands...
the space around her keeps moving...

as she turns and walks away.

stretching space and temporalities she realizes the capacity of a body existing 
beyond confinement to rabbit holes.

gathering skirts and stories
is it time to speak?

she was born in a dollhouse
or so she should have been

playing at life on a manageable scale

enacting and manipulating an 'appropriate' presence

a way to be here, now

collecting bodies and words

as a child she did just this

bodies and words as books and dolls

shall i pose for you now?

in red? to match babies rosy cheeks?
in red? for danger when the wolves come?

there is nobody here but we two, darling...

in red she matches babies rosy cheeks
in red for danger when the wolves come
she runs on all fours

the whiteness of this red appropriates nothing.

the color of poppies.

the color of sacrifices.

her panting tongue hangs out.

shall i pose for you now?



pretend that you are my world?

flutter my eyelashes?

widen my eyes?

instructing myself to fall out of rabbit holes.

Emily Campbell!

You are sooo wonderful! Thank you so
so much for your amazing generous self,
words and ways! You are one of my largest
inspirers on my own creative journey and I
am so so sooo happy we have been able to
create this together! I am constantly blown
away by your depth, beauty and openness!

Thank you so so much for sharing
your amazing words to this rather special
blog and thank you for your precious
friendship too! You really are a sparkly
gem - rich & ruby coloured!

So much love and thanks to you!!

Love Trace xx

Accompanying text extracted and adapted from Posing Fragments of Flesh and Story: Choreographic Self-Portraiture and the Sexuate Subject(Campbell, E. 2012. Unpublished Masters Thesis. Dance Studies. The University of Auckland.)

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