Friday, July 13, 2012

The Little Red River Queen.

She is passionate, kind, giving,
enthusiastic and encouraging, 
beautiful, determined, driven,
open, joyous and HILARIOUS,
 extremely talented and truly stunning! 

She is preciously unique and wonderfully treasured!!

..and she is AMAZING to work with!

Sierra. little red riding hood!

A rose and a robe to paint her way...

a moss drenched arch,

an autumn day.

A bright red hood...

to grace her crown,

the birds above...

the only sound.

A time to fly...

A time to dance...

A wishful thought...

A thank-full glance.

Carefree in white...

she counts her pearls...

each one with love,

a bless-ed girl!

And in the stream...

Queen for a day,

she stands knee deep...

and starts her play.

A masquerade act...

of a sinking Queen,

with ferns of green to set the scene!

Amazing Sierra,

You astound me always!
You are forever growing, learning
and blossoming and it is so so 
wonderfully inspiring to watch!
You are overflowing with passion
for your craft, as well as for your people! 
You have a light in your 
heart that is bright and delightful
and it glows warmly with such
 pleasure and love for life!

You are a beautiful beautiful person
through and through and a truly wonderful
friend! Thank you so much for being so
amazing in my life! I feel so happy
in your company and so inspired
by your spirit!

So much love to you in Vienna today
my friend! Chasing your dreams
and wandering the brightest of rainbows!

You are a STAR and I love you!!!


love trace   : )


  1. Wow Sierra you look amazing, this photographer is a true artist. She has captured your pure essence and understands you so well :-)