Monday, September 3, 2012

A most lovely kept secret...

winter is magical

winter is wonderful

winter is brave, beautiful & becoming

unafraid to work its charm

in secret hiding places

& if you leave the four walls 

of your frozen like house

you will likely then discover

this most lovely kept secret.

if you happen to be robed in purple cloth

you will also look very amazing

and probably take over the


like Miss Livvi.

with the wind in her hair

and a wing like a wand...

of quiet composure, 

& graceful air...

discovering magic...

& adorning the bleak...

whilst learning to fly...

with new wings.

Miss Livvi.

on top of the world...

dancing with the clouds...


& empowered...

carving her statue

against  bluest of blue.

she is in full flight...

existing with rainbows...

and bathed in the light of angels.

She is wintery whimsy...

in all her becoming beauty.

Isn't she just?

Miss Livvi,

Thank you for sharing your brave and beautiful spirit!

I had so so soooo much fun with you climbing wobbly trees, 

wonderful wood piles and making many marks in the sand!

You are incredibly beautiful and it was such a great pleasure 

to share in this time with you and to capture just a glimpse 

of your unique and wonderful gift! 

Thank you for dreaming a beautiful dream and for joining with me 

and with 'winter' to realise it and create the images we have!

You are so awesome and I'm so happy to have had this opportunity 

to work with you, and also to make a great new friend!!

Thank you so much Livvi!

With Love, Light and Laughter...

 Tracy x

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