Monday, September 17, 2012

For the love of library.

 This here is a story of a brave buoyant girl 

with a great love of page turning, 

and a talent for doing so whilst too on her toes.

 One day enchanting Ellen equipped with new wheels 

went wheeling and whirring...

her wonderful way into a wee woopsy

 (no fault of her own!)

Bruised and battered but not in the heart,

she came, she climbed and she conquered her very next chapter.

...with her library in tow.

She built her own mountains...

and turned her own pages...

with great contemplation...

in a room she called home.

each book filled with tales...

of magical sorts...

some off the wall journeys...

some flyaway thoughts.

an upside down Ellen...

& all kinds of bright...


carving her statue...

 dowsed in gold light.

the walls fell to bits...

 as the sky found an in...

 and the pages kept turning...

as sun found its dim.

For the love of her library.


You are so so cool!

I had soooo much fun with you

and knew from the day you proposed

your super amazing ideas, that this was 

going to be a special kind of awesome!

Thank you for being so gallant in your

efforts. I hope all the lugging around the 

mountain and avalanching of books was worth it!

I think you totally got the better of that

scooter in the end! No bruises to be seen!!!

You are so awesommeeee and I love

your dancing and style heapppsss! 

It was a such a privilege to photograph 

you and your library!

Thank you so much!!!

Tracy : )

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