Sunday, March 3, 2013

Daisy Daze.....

The girl did lay her head to sleep all wrapped in daisy chain,

She let herself just drift away...

 To chase the wind and rain.

Upon a cloud she landed...

Deep in the sea she fell...

In love with all she knew to be...

Inside this dazy spell.

Oh dear dear dear Stacey, 

You are the Stace of Base of all things Ace!!

I am a bit stuck for where to start!!

Thank you SO much for soooo much in life! 

I am full of huge awe and admiration for you!

I think you are absolutely massively incredible 

as a person, a dancer, and A FRIEND!

Your dance is soo soo beautiful & your nature and attitude to life

is incredibly calming, inspiring and all together wonderful!

 You are a HERO in the face of disaster, You are a HERO

in the face of possibility!

You are one of my heros.  (ask Neech!)

And I love you HEAPS!!!

Thank you for dancing for me!

Thank you for your tennicty... TWICE!!

Much love

Trace x

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