Saturday, April 6, 2013

Michelle & Mark.... & their many moons.

Michelle and Mark. A day of celebration and unity that was of super special proportions!
Michelle is my amazing cousin who I am so full of love and admiration for. She is generous,
kind, fun, wise, encouraging, clever...a very incredible human being!!! Mark is her new 
husband. He is also an truly exceptional person, who always has a smile to share, bucket 
loads of enthusiasm for life and a kind and sensitive heart of gold! I love them both very 
much & felt very lucky to have such a special role at their beautiful wedding. 
Here it is... snippets of a day overflowing with great genuine LOVE!

Michelle and Mark,

My amazing cousins!

I love you both so much and am so so grateful for
you in my life! I am so happy for you both! 

You have found and chosen each other....
You are two incredible incredible people with GIANT hearts and
a wonderful desire to journey well in this world sharing life awesomely!

It is SUCH a beautiful thing. Along with Tobs, you make a wonderful 
and gorgeous family shining out positivity, light and love!
It is such a blessing to have you not only as my cousins, but also 
as very good friends, I admire hugely.

Thank you for having me capture your special day for you!
I feel truly truly lucky and has SUCH an amazing time!

I wish you so much happiness.  Lots of Love




  1. Tracy, you did an amazing job capturing Mark and Michelle's Special Day. We at Rosenvale enjoyed helping you all you all are special people... I love your note to Mark and Michelle, really awesome.. Penny..

    1. Thank you Penny! You guys were FANTASTIC!!!!! : )

  2. Awesome photos Trace. You have done a magical job of capturing Mark and Michelles special day. Thanks for that. Richard

    1. Thanks Uncle Richard! It was such a wonderful day wasn't it!!! x

  3. WOW !!

    I cant say enough how beautiful these are -

    The photo of Jarvis made me laugh with happiness,

    I went back to the photo in the corn with the veil .... you know the one - simply standout

    Tracy - amazing - highest quality - creative - poignant

    Really bought it all back .... what a great great day

    Hey M& M you must be delighted so beautiful

    Glad I was a part of your amazing day,

    Grant (Lenaarts !)

    1. Grant! Such a lovely message! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! It truly was an amazing day to be a part of for everyone! : )