Saturday, April 27, 2013

Being Benny.

There was a boy named Benny

At the beach of sparkly blue...

With a bunch of bright bananas

And a lovely pair of shoes.

The boat sheds were his favourite

With the birds all soaring through...

And a tractor to be basked on

And a plane above head too!

He had his brand new camera

And he photographed the seas...

He breathed in all the ocean air

And pocketed the breeze.

Dear Benny friend,

You are a pocket full of brightness!

Thank you for your awesome enthusiasm,

positive radness, and beautiful ways!

You were sooo much fun to photograph!

It was super great to venture off  'chasing the light'

 on a hopeful adventure that gave us some gold!

You make a truly wonderful model and I know

you will take the world by storm in all that you do!

Thank you for coming to the Rainbow and making

marvelous magic! You are very awesome!!! : )

Tracy x

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