Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Would You Like Some Rainbow Tea?

In a colourful yard...

With rainbows in trees...

And furry kind friends...

Like dragons and bees...

An afternoon tea...

With hats made of fun...

With sprinkle top donuts...

And sugary buns.

A butterfly danced...

A bunny hopped by...

The happiest babes did...

Fly in the sky.

With hugs made of love...

And kisses for two...

There's plenty of room...

For me and for you!

To the  Funtasticly Wonderful, 

Quirky and Wild, Colourful and Kind 

Han, Ian, Ciara, and Ruby!

What a DAY!

You live in a Magic Tea Pot and

it is MARVELLOUS!!!!

I am sooo happy to be your friend

and so so so inspired by all of you!

Han! Your miraculous spirit of life

is like no other, and I can not even express

how much joy it gives me to create these images

with and for you! Your magical dragon 

Ruby star is off to SUCH an incredible start

with the GREATEST most loving, laughing

and positively beautiful team of family

around her and you are all simply glowing!

Every time I visit you I walk away 

with more belief than before!

Your life and your story give new meaning 

to possibility and I can not wait for it to be 

shared with ALL!!!

I love you sooo much!

Thank you for having me at your tea party!

Love Trace


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