Friday, April 12, 2013

In a strawberry patch down under....

.... and nearby the sea, we took a day to lounge and play and eat and see and be! A blissfully 
blue afternoon in the summery spell of Welly town, with my beautiful friends of Nor. 
Willow, Vegar, and of course the delicious and smiley princess of the patch... dear Miss Mia!

Willy, Vegs and Mia,

Thank you for your friendship!

I am so so happy to have spent some very special time with you

in the incredible summer we were lucky to have! You are truly wonderful people,

and make such a bright, enchanting and joyous family!

It has been so precious to meet your gorgeous Mia and also

to photograph you all at this stage of your journeying!

I think New Zealand will cry a few fair tears when you leave!

You suit it here!!!!

We will all miss you so much!

Much much love to you all!

May the rainbows shine all over the globe and help

us to remember we are only a rainbow apart!

So much love

Tray xxx

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